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Hi Nate':

I know the event is over, but I just wanted to touch base with you one more time!!  I wanted to commend you and your mom for the wonderful job you all did for the anniversary celebration.  I recognize that I could have been more helpful (i.e. coordinating the music, and arriving a little early) but my day (that Sunday) was so busy for some reason.  More than likely it was poor planning on my part!!! (smile) -- Please forgive me.  However, everything worked out to be beautiful.  I realized at the conclusion of the event, I should have publicly announced your involvement, and commended you for the great job during the program.  I apologize.

My grandmother did not ask me to do this "Thank You," however I found it to be appropriate.  Thank you for your contribution to the blessed event.  My grandparents were very happy.  I want to encourage you to keep up the good work!!!!

God Bless.


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